Foot scans & Insoles

footscanFirst some definitions. An insole is the flat cushioning interface between the shoe and your foot. Because a common insole is basically a flat pad, and not shaped like your foot, it offers zero support, and frankly, precious little cushioning. Whatever benefits it does offer won’t last long because common insoles can wear down quickly. Just how quickly depends upon the person, the shoe and the use.

An orthotic is a shoe insert moulded to the shape of your foot. It provides support, shock absorption and other benefits. In a word, what separates an insole from an orthotic is simply the degree of sophistication.

It is not just a shoe insert, but part of the treatment or management of your condition, or an attempt to avoid acquiring one as a result of your particular workstyle, lifestyle or play-style.

The footscan® footwear adviser is specially developed to give excellent shoe advise, based on pressure measurements performed with the footscan plates. Foot shape, foot size and foot movements are automatically calculated, an analysis and advise follows.

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